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Lotus Architectes St Barth


Architecture agency in St Barths

As architects of your projects, we bring your ideas to life. 
Our top-of-the-range services respect your financial constraints and deadlines. 
Our methodology is based on a quality approach to the projects we deliver. 
With LOTUS ARCHITECTES, every architectural project is a unique and original creation created exclusively for you.
Our perfect knowledge of the environment is complemented by in-depth expertise of the terrain. 

The program is designed in harmony with the local environment.
Over the years, we've acquired a real understanding of local technical imperatives and best practices. 
Today, our skills, commitment and motivation are widely recognized. 
We work with you to define a suitable architectural style for a program that respects urban planning, regulatory, environmental and financial constraints.

We're with you every step of the way, creating spaces and ambiences that reflect your personality, with the sole aim of making you feel at home.

Our mission :
Satisfying all your projects

At LOTUS ARCHITECTES, we design architectural projects, taking part in everything from the construction or renovation of buildings to the overall development of urban spaces, whether private or public.
We are able to respond to all residential, professional, industrial, commercial and landscaping programs. We are a reference on many projects, each with its own particularities.

Having lived on the island of St Barths for more than 20 years, we have mastered the art of integrating projects into this unique and sensitive environment.

Our team :
Passionate professionals to assist you

In the early 2000s, Nicolas LOSSENT and Robert TUAL joined Philippe STOUVENOT in his agency. In 2008, they joined forces to create LOTUS ARCHITECTES.
"Today, we work in a dynamic, multi-disciplinary agency, with architects, designers and management assistants. 
The fusion of our passions for architecture and the association of our characters makes LOTUS ARCHITECTES a singular agency with a close-knit, willing team. 
Professionally, we are guided by a shared vision of the appropriation of space according to the constraints of location, finance and administration".

Nicolas LOSSENT and Robert TUAL

Our partners :
Experts who will meet you all your challenges

We have developed a network of professionals in various fields of expertise, based both locally and outside the island, in the French West Indies, Europe and the United States.

These trusted collaborations enable us to meet all the architectural challenges of your project.

A team available to inform you

17 rue Victor Schoelcher, Gustavia

97133 Saint-Barthélemy

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